Palazzo Pants Are Back

Palazzo pants are back in the fashion scene, they where a big hit in the 70′s. Large and spacious, with high waist, enhance the legs. Sophisticated elegant and comfortable they are considered to be the brother of the maxi skirt.

Palazzo pants are not new to the fashion scene, not even rather wide palazzo pants which off course where a big hit in the 70's. Similar words can be said about platform shoes that where fashionable in the late 90's.The palazzo pants you see me wearing are a diversion of the latter, but in a much more extreme width. When wearing these pants it makes me feel more elegant than just ordinary jeans as when walking the 'waving' of the pants is beyond anything and the combination with my super high spike heeled platform shoes brings the 70's back.

Since Miu Miu and Céline have introduces the palazzo pants in their latest runways SS and Tory Burch for the coming season FW 2011/ 12 the trend already has spotted in major stores like Zara or Topshop . These are good indicator if looks make it from the runway to the street. The retailer has gotten incredibly good at taking inspiration from key shows, and translating each season’s stand-out trends before the designs that inspired them have even hit stores.